Unified Dashboard

A single unified interface for all the customer related dashboards

Design Brief

Our Operations team at NoBroker handles all aspects of the customer experience for prospective tenants and buyers, as well as for home owners. Currently, data for each user is spread across many different dashboards such as Calls dashboard, Insight dashboard, Recommended property dashboard and many others. Due to this the Ops personnel have to keep the user on hold while looking for data on different dashboards. This product aims to eliminate the Turn-Around Time for each customer call by providing a single unified interface for all the different customer dashboards, thus improving the efficiency of the operations team.

Product Requirements

Based on interviews with various stakeholders such as the Product Team and the Operations team, I collated the following requirements

  1. Integration to enable auto-search for user when a call is received using phone number as search key. If user is calling from a non-registered number then the Ops personnel will have to either manually search for the user based on name or registered mobile number or create a new user entry.
  2. A 'Summary View' where the Ops personnel can view all crucial data about the user at a glance and it should always be visible. The Summary View should contain :
    • User details - Including plan, contact details, lead score, and insights.
    • Alerts
    • Actions
  3. A snapshot view of each dashboard so that our Ops personnel can view either a summarized view of each dashboard or see the most recent information from that dashboard (depending on the type of dashboard). This will be customizable from the back-end.

    NOTE: A key point to note here is that the snapshot views were largely retained in their original format (and not re-designed). This was because the Ops personnel were accustomed to reading these snapshot views at a glance and retaining these aspects of the original dashboards would provide for smooth transitioning into the new tool. We consciously did not want to change the Ops workflow drastically since the cognitive load could be jarring and would result in more time spent to get accustomed to the new workflow. Future scope included gradual design changes to the snapshot views.

  4. Dashboard menu to switch between dashboards on the same panel. When a dashboard menu item is selected, the right pane gets populated with the dashboard data.


Layout diagram to define the different components of our dashboard interface.
Empty state when auto-search doesn't find a user corresponding to the mobile number. In this case manual search can be used or else new user can be created.
Wireframe with test data filled

Final Design

Empty state
Dashboard Home
Sample data pulled in from one of the dashboards