Progression Framework for the Design team

Defining roles and responsibilities for various levels

The problem

When I started managing the design team at Scripbox, I realised there was no formalised definition of the various levels. There was a document they had been using as a reference but it was generic and not really suitable for the Scripbox design team, both in terms of team size as well as the kind of work we do.

What we needed

  • Consistent approach for Scripbox management to track the performance and growth of designers
  • Hiring clarity: What level to hire people into?
  • Give all designers clarity on their roles, what is expected of them, how this is determined and tracked, as well as their future progression.

Competence Criteria

I set about researching various career progression frameworks, some that were specially meant for design teams while others were for product or tech teams. I zeroed in on 3 key metrics to track and measure:

  1. Knowledge: Breadth and depth of knowledge and how their area(s) of expertise develop over time.
  2. Delivery: What they're expected to deliver on and how they go about doing it.
  3. Communication & Leadership: How they communicate and lead projects and/or people across the business.